Gold Bajuband / Vanki Designs

      Latest Bajuband Designs in Gold

      Women in India wear several jewellery items, on various occasions as well as for daily wear. The jewellery items are not just worn for enhancing the beauty of a lady but a lot more. The bajuband or armlet is one of those accessories which can heavily affect a woman’s beauty. That’s why it is used for a bride. 

      The gold bajuband is Indian traditional jewellery worn around by women around the upper arm. It is essential wedding jewellery for the bride along with other items like maang tikka, earrings, haath phools, necklace, and much more. The bride is dressed from head to toe which makes her look like a queen.

      This is known by the name ‘Vanki’ in south India and Maharashtra. There are numerous and latest gold vanki designs available based on the woman’s personality and choice. Most of them are based on traditional designs, and others are based on modern and trendy fashions.

      The vanki is unique because it has an inverted V-shape design. These gold hand vanki designs are based on ancient paintings and sculptures. It is also believed that the earliest vankis were seen on figures of Lord Krishna as a child. 

      Different Types of Baju Band 

      Simple Bajuband Designs

      The simple design of bajuband is a small rope or gold chain that is accessorized with beautiful motifs and designs decorated with stones, pearls, gold and even diamonds. This bajuband design is such a shape that it fits comfortably on the arm without any strain or pressure. This is one of the most commonly used arm accessories in family and traditional functions.

      Antique Bajuband Designs

      The Bajuband is an old and traditional accessory worn by the bride. And for this reason, most brides prefer to go with the traditional and antique design. Jewellers give this design by introducing the items like bajuband gold jewellery to a chemical process that gives it a darkish and antique look. 

      Modern/Fancy Baju Band Designs in 2022

      Every region of India has its own designs of Bajuband jewellery accessories. That’s why jewellers have started to craft bajuband new designs for almost every region in modern styles. JewelFlix has a massive collection of modern and fancy Bajuband designs which you can easily explore and choose the right one for you.

      Bridal Baju Band

      Bajuband or Vanki or Armlet is one of the most essential accessories of the ‘Solah Shringaar’, the process of adorning the bride from head to toe to make her look like a diva. This ritual is extremely important in Hindu marriages. The bridal jewellery including bajuband is specially bought for a specific bride for her wedding day. You can buy the traditional and modern designs of wedding jewellery online with ease on JewelFlix.

      Rajputi Bajuband

      Rajasthan is full of culture and traditions due to the royal past. This Rajasthani bajuband is also known as ‘Ananta 'or ‘Angada’ and could be even a long gold silk thread knot with the ornament. It signifies marital status and class and is worn by Marwari and Rajput brides, making it a royal ornament.

      These vanki gold models of Rajasthan may have several non-metallic ornaments embellished on them for increasing their beauty. This includes colourful threads hanging around from the item as well. The red colour is mostly used for the threads because it is considered auspicious.

      Marathi Bajuband Design

      The Marathi bajuband is also known by the name ‘Vaaki’ and is traditionally worn on both arms. However, in these modern times, women also like to wear it only on one arm making it feel more special and unique. The design is a flat gold band studded with gemstones in the middle. This is one of the most loved Indian gold bajuband, which is available everywhere.

      Bajuband Gold Online Shopping

      You can easily find the gold bajuband online on JewelFlix. We have more than thousands of unique jewellery designs available from hundreds of jewellers across the country. You can choose anyone that suits you perfectly based on your personality, physique, and choice.

      The multiple options of gold vanki online will allow you to compare different designs, colours, metals and choose the one you like. And the fact that buying a bajuband online is so easy and safe now, you can always be assured that you will get the best designs on JewelFlix, without any worries.

      Gold Bajuband Designs with Weight Details

      Like any jewellery, Bajuband is also a precious jewellery item and is brought in weight such as grams. You can find gold vanki designs with weight as follows:

      • 40 grams bajuband designs
      • 45 grams armlet designs
      • 50 grams vanki designs
      • And more 

      You can also choose between heavy and lightweight gold bajuband designs with weight being lighter or heavier as per your selection.

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