Gold Photo Frames

      Gold Photo Frames for Home Decoration

      Decorating a home with beautiful ornaments and items has its own charm in the entire world. In India, a home is usually decorated with modern or traditional gold photo frames. The pictures could be of a loved one, family photos or religious symbols and gods.

      These photo gold frames have their own way of personalizing the house, and also depict the aesthetic sense of people living there. But the most important aspect of these frames is their ability to keep our spiritual and religious side safe and secure in our homes, by displaying the portraits like Krishna, Shiva, Ganesh, Durga, Brahma, and other gods.

      Traditional Gold Photo Frames

      Antique Gold Photo Frame

      The antique gold photo frame gives a vintage touch to the home which displays our loving memories. These not only display our loved photos but also double up as decor. These can be placed in Home temples as well as living rooms.

      Gold Multi Photo Frame

      The multi-photo frame of gold makes the best decor for your home. With the ability to hold more than one picture, you will be able to keep your most loved gods close to you like Shiva, Parvati, Bramha, and others.  To keep religious symbols or depiction of gods, you can find these gold photo frame sets in different designs, carvings, styles and sizes to choose from.

      Large Gold Photo Frame

      The large gold photo frames can range from 20 inches to 4 inches in size per side. These are perfect to hold the portraits of Hindu God & Goddess couples like Radha-Krishna, Shiva-Parvati; or other religious images which have a particular religious significance like ‘Tridev’.

      Small Gold Photo Frames

      The small gold photo frames are perfect to hold a single photo of your devoted god. These gold metal photo frames are usually found in traditional and antique designs which have elaborate carvings. Modern designs can be fashionable with minimal carvings yet elegant and modular. The size of a small gold photo frame is usually 5x7 inches but could go up to 10x10 inches.

      Gold God Photo Frames

      India is a land of religion where every person is devoted to one god or the other. That’s why having a gold god photo frame where we can depict the portrayal of our devoted god is common. These real gold photo frames are not just used for our homes, but they also make a perfect gift for someone who is just starting a new life; like a wedding gift or moving into a new home.

      Goddess Lakshmi Photo Frame

      Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and purity. Her depiction as an idol or in a photo frame is a must-have in any Hindu home. She is usually depicted sitting on a large lotus flower with two small flowers in two hands. 

      Lord Ganesha Photo Frame

      It is believed that having a Lord Ganesha photo at home brings peace, happiness, and prosperity throughout a person’s life. The gold frame for Lord Ganesha’s photo is the perfect way to depict the religious side of your home. It is also believed that having a god idol or photo with Vermillion colour is auspicious for people desiring self-growth.

      Lord Balaji Gold Photo Frame

      Having a photo of Lord Balaji (also known as Lord Venkateswara), at home is considered auspicious and helps to keep our evil self away and avoid sins. It is believed that Lord Balaji is located at Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh, India. The gold photo frames are mostly based on traditional designs.

      Goddess Maa Durga Gold Frame

      If the photo of Maa Durga is kept in the south direction, it is believed to provide strength and protection to the family members. And also while worshipping, our direction should remain either east or south. There are many designs available, in large and small on JewelFlix which you can explore and choose the one perfectly suited for you.

      Radha Krishna Photo Frame

      The couple kept together in the home in the north-east direction is believed to be the best place for gold Radha-Krishna photo. These kept together are believed to enchant the worlds, and Radha to enchant Krishna himself.

      Sai Baba Gold Frame

      The gold frame depicts the humble Sai Baba is believed to bring immense happiness and success in your life. This frame is usually found in small designs where only the photo of Sai Baba is portrayed in its simple form.

      Hanuman Photo Frame

      Hanuman is the Hindu god of strength, courage, self-discipline, devotion, and wisdom, and having a hanuman photo frame in your home protects you from the evil effects of Mars, Saturn, as well as evil ghosts. The Hanuman photo frame is a wonderful item to have in your home, but it must be placed according to Vaastu.

      Goddess Saraswati Gold Frame

      Sarasvati is the goddess of art and daughter of Brahma, who is the lord of creation. She supplies the chakra with knowledge of creation. It is always believed that Saraswati should be kept in a gold frame along with Ganesh and Lakshmi.

      Buy Gold Photo Frames Online in India

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