Bridal Gold Nath Designs

      Latest Gold Nath Designs in India

      The Nath or ‘Nose Ring’ is a popular piece of jewellery in the Indian subcontinent worn by women, in almost every region of India. The gold nath designs have been worn since the 16th century and since then, it has gone through tremendous changes and optimisations to make it much more elegant. The bridal nath designs are very elegant and flawless and should always compliment the dress as well as other accessories like necklace and earrings designs.

      Gold Nath Designs For Bride

      Gold nath for Bride is very elaborate in design and is worn on either side of the nose. It has a short and thin chain that is connected to the ear of the bride. This is a significant symbol of a married woman or a woman who is getting married. In south India, you will rarely see a married woman without wearing a nose nath gold.

      Traditional Nath Designs In India

      Gold Kumaoni Nath Designs

      Gold Kumaoni nath, also known as Nathuli is a very large jewellery item worn on the left side of the nose. The ring is large with a minimal amount of work done over it. Due to less elaboration of the design, it gets very elegant and classy. The modern designs have been designs in a bit more elaborated fashion with detailing and sometimes embedded with gemstones.

      Jodha Nath Design in Gold

      A perfect accessory to wear on your special day, the gold jodha nath is a royal jewellery item from Rajasthan. It is usually embedded with one layer of pearls, which are ideal for any traditional Rajasthani dresses including rajputi poshak, marwadi dresses and rajwadi dresses, etc. You can find different variations and different weights on JewelFlix and choose the one which suits your needs.

      Royal Rajputi Nath Designs

      Rajasthan is a culture of royalty and the rajputi nath is considered a royal jewellery item. This is worn not just to enhance one’s beauty, but also as a symbol of status and luxury. The royal rajputi gold nath is worn by the woman on several occasions like Gangaur Karvachauth, Aakhatij, etc

      Peshwai Nath Gold

      The peshwai nath is a Maharashtrian dangling nose pin that is embedded with gorgeous pearls and colourful stones. This Maharashtrian gold nath is one of the most glamorous and royal jewellery items which is loved by young and married women equally. The Peshwai naths are smaller than the regular naths and are a bit round in design.

      Maharashtrian Wedding Nath Designs

      A very common and popular Maharashtrian wedding nath design is also known as Brahmi Nath. These have been used in South India for a very long time, but have been re-crafted over time with different styles. This gold Marathi nath design can have multiple different styles on different ornaments to make them more elegant and suitable for every time of person now.

      Different Types Of Nath Designs

      Simple Nath Design Gold

      Young women tend to prefer simple nath design as they can be combined with any type of dress. These are thin nose rings and without any chains or anything. They can, however, have a small gemstone for additional enhancement of beauty for the wearer. Mostly these nose rings are worn as daily wear by married women.

      Gold Big Nath Design

      These big naths or nose rings are a bit bigger in size, that is, the diameter of the ring is large. These are mostly used on wedding occasions all across India. The designs are personalised and depend upon the bride’s choice and likes. They can be embellished with ornaments as well as the depiction of the goddess Lakshmi. 

      Gold Small Nath Design

      The gold nath new designs come in small sizes. Just a little bigger than a nose pin. These are usually plain in design without any ornaments or elaborate designs. These small nose ring designs are mostly worn by young unmarried girls for enhancing their beauty. You can find many of these designs on JewelFlix for any person or choice.

      Gold Nath Chain Design

      The big nath designs mostly have a long chain that goes around the face and connects around the ear. These magnificent designs are highly elaborate in designs and decoration is made by embedding beads, gemstones, pearls, and sometimes even diamonds. These are loved by the women in India and are mostly preferred as bridal jewellery.

      Dulhan Nath Design In Gold

      The nath for a Dulhan / bride of gold is big and exquisite in design. This is a heavyweight nose ring with multiple ornamental designs. It has gemstones or pearls studded on it for additional beauty, as well as a long chain, connecting from this ring to the ear. In Indian traditions, nath is one of the most important parts of the Solah Shringaar ritual.

      Designer Garhwali Gold Nath Design

      The Garhwali gold nath is also known by the name Nathuli or Tehri nath and is one of the important accessories of Pahari women in Uttarakhand. This gold nose ring is decorated with different gems, pearls and beads and is worn by women on wedding occasions. This Pahari nath gold design is based on big hoop earring designs and more than 50% of the design is covered in ornamented patterns, forming a semi-circle. 

      Latest Gold Nath Designs Online

      Even though gold nath designs are available in almost every shop. You can’t expect to go from shop to shop looking for the one which would suit you perfectly. That’s why JewelFlix has brought the shops to you. You can explore varieties of different designs of gold nath online without leaving your home.

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