120+ Black Beads Mangalsutra Designs

Latest Gold Mangalsutra Designs in 2022

One of the most significant ornaments or chains in Hindu culture and traditions is the Mangalsutra. Hindu married women wear it on their wedding day and every day after that to signify marital status. Even though the gold mangalsutra design is a traditional jewellery piece, modern culture has brought up many gold mangalsutra new designs.

The groom tying the most beautiful mangalsutra design of gold for his bride-to-be around the neck during the rituals is considered a sacred Hindu custom.

Mangalsutra designs in gold are more popular as compared to other metals since gold is considered precious in value as well as Hindu culture.

Traditional Gold Mangalsutra Designs

Black Beads Gold Mangalsutra 

The Mangalsutra is mainly a chain made with a thin wire of gold and embellished with black beads. These beads, along with the gold wire, are believed to destroy the negative vibrations. The mangalsutra thereby acts as a protective shield for the bride and her family. There are many modern mangalsutra designs in gold that are mostly opted by modern people.

Maharashtrian Gold Mangalsutra Designs

The Maharashtrian gold mangalsutra chains have two gold discs representing ‘shakti’ and ‘shiva’. These simple mangalsutra designs of gold come in two basic types: Nirgun, which is made with plain black beads, and in Shagun, every nine black beads are followed by a single gold bead. It is believed that the simpler the design, the better the effect.

The mangalsutra is also known as Watimani or Vatimani. This vati mangalsutra design is hollow from one side, which faces the body of the woman. The other side is elevated. The vati is a symbol of commitment and togetherness between the couples. Simple modern mangalsutra designs can be embedded with other ornaments or gems for additional enhancement.

Wedding Gold Thali Chain Designs

The thali or mangalsutra chain is an integral part of Hindu marriage, as already mentioned. And since it is used in every Hindu marriage, every region of India has its own names and designs for it. In South India, the thali is known by Thirumangalyam and in the North, by Mangalsutra.

The gold thali chain designs are believed to be healthy for a woman, to regularise blood circulation and pressure. The gold Hindu mangalsutra design is designed as per cultural significance and the thali chain design is one of the many styles used across India.

Mani Mangalsutra Design

The Mani mangalsutra (meaning ‘jewel’) have small round beads ornamented inside the gold casings. These beads are kept in several intervals around the mangalsutra. These designs are very traditional styles and are loved by women who keep in full touch with the traditions and cultures of India.

Daily Use Mangalsutra Designs in Gold

Long Gold Mangalsutra Designs Latest

The long mangalsutra design is usually enough to reach the Anahat Chakra of the bride, meaning Heart chakra is located at the centre of the spine, near the heart. These long mangalsutra designs of gold are usually at least 24-30 inches long, but we can find even longer designs.

Mini/Short Gold Mangalsutra Designs Latest

These short mangalsutra designs of gold can be of short length, like 16 inches as well. Some women prefer these types of chains because they like to wear them close to their collarbone. The mini mangalsutra designs in the latest styles are usually embellished with small ornaments or gemstones for additional enhancement.

You can find many of the designs of mini gold mangalsutra online on JewelFlix.

Simple Gold Mangalsutra Designs

Most women prefer the simple gold mangalsutra due to their traditional values. The belief that the simpler the design, the better the effect’ is highly thought to be true in this case. These designs are simple, lightweight chains with black beads embedded and without any ornamental decoration. There can be short or long gold mangalsutra variations of this design.

Heavy Gold Mangalsutra Designs Latest

The latest designs of heavy gold mangalsutras do not provide only the traditional and religious value of mangalsutra but also the grace of modern fashion. These designs are made of thick gold chains with embellishments and intricate designs. The black beads set in the design are also placed accordingly to provide their own elegance.

Light Weight Gold Mangalsutra

The unique thing about a light weight gold mangalsutra is the ability to go with every dress. That’s why it has gained so much popularity. These mangalsutra chain designs in gold are thin wires of gold with black beads in them. The mangalsutras may or may not have a small decorative ornament at the centre.

Gold Mangalsutra Pendant

Several mangalsutra designs are simple in designs that clearly portray ‘traditions of culture’, but the modern designs have several variations and can have ornaments and jewels embedded in them. The most loved design is the gold mangalsutra pendant, which is a chain with a small or large design ornament at the bottom.

Fancy/Modern Gold Mangalsutra Designs

The modern and fancy gold mangalsutra designs still speak traditions with a hint of modern class and style. These designs are elaborately decorated with careful placement of beads as well as other embellishments. These are perfect to go with modern jewellery such as bracelets or bangles.

New Model Gold Thali Chain Designs

The mangalsutra is known as ‘Thali’ in certain cultures like Tamil Nadu and Telugu cultures. It is believed to be a mark of love and respect. In modern times, there have been many gold thali chain models which modern brides love. These designs could range from simple chains to elaborate chains.

Gold Mugappu Design Thali Chains

The thali with a peacock design is known as Mugappu, is in several cultures in India. The design is based on traditional style but with modern craftsmanship. 

Gold Koli Mangalsutra Designs

The culture of Koli usually has a multi-chained mangalsutra chain. Each layer’s chain has its own set of black beads followed by gold beads for design purposes. There can be multiple ornaments embedded as well, which connect these chains together after certain beads in intervals.

Gold Name Mangalsutra

Some people love to have something precious as a reminder of their loved ones. The mangalsutra can be custom designed to carve or add the name of your significant other on the mangalsutra. The pure 22k gold mangalsutra chain embedded with black beads and the wife’s name can be gifted to (worn by) your bride to be, and this is a great touch to make her yours forever.

Temple Jewellery Mangalsutra

A south Indian wedding is incomplete without a touch of temple jewellery, usually mangalsutra. The mangalsutra with temple design is depicted with portrayals of gods and goddesses. These don’t have any embellishments like stones are purely handcrafted from gold.

Temple Jewellery Mangalsutra

A south Indian wedding is incomplete without a touch of temple jewellery, usually mangalsutra. The mangalsutra with temple design is depicted with portrayals of gods and goddesses. These don’t have any embellishments like stones are purely handcrafted from gold.

Gantan / Ganthan Mangalsutra

The gantan gold necklaces or mangalsutras have multiple layers of chains with each one having black beads and gold beads in certain intervals. These gantan designs can be minimalistic or very elaborate in design but are kept lightweight for the comfort of the bride. Gantan jewellery is a traditional important part of Indian culture.

The mini ganthan gold mangalstura are lightweight designs preferred by young brides when the marriage is kept classy and graceful. These mini ganthan mangalsutras can be further combined with a temple haram necklace to make the bride look perfect diva-like.

Single Chain Gold Mangalsutra Designs

The single chain gold mangalsutra designs are a simple but elegant piece of traditional jewellery that is lightweight enough to be embedded with only the black beads. This is an everyday wear item that has minimal embellishments and is mostly not embedded with any gemstones or ornaments. People love to wear these because of their simplicity. 

Gold Mangalsutra With Weight and Other Details

Mangalsutra is an essential and auspicious thread around the bride’s neck. This chain stays with you for the rest of your life, and that’s why it’s essential to choose the most appropriate and perfect quality design.

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You can find the mangalsutra in following weights:
  • 2 tola gold mangalsutra design
  • 3 tola gold mangalsutra design
  • 4 tola gold mangalsutra design
  • 5 tola gold mangalsutra designs
  • 6 tola gold mangalsutra design
  • 10 tola gold mangalsutra design
1 Tola = 10 Grams (Indian)

Many more designs are available, and most of the Jewellers can create a customized mangalsutra just for you.

You can even find small mangalsutra designs in gold with images and weight as follows:
  • 5 gram gold mangalsutra designs
  • 10 gram gold mangalsutra designs
  • 20 gram gold mangalsutra designs
  • 25 gram gold mangalsutra designs
  • 30 gram gold mangalsutra designs
  • 40 gram gold mangalsutra designs

The gold mangalsutra images displayed on each page are the products’ actual photos, so you can be sure you’ll always get what you are seeing. There would be multiple mangalsutra images in different angles so you can be clear on what you’re getting.

(Due to colour differences of different screens you’re viewing from, there could be a very slight colour difference.)

This is a special moment for you that you’ll cherish forever, so don’t wait. Choose the best gold jewellery like mangalsutra on JewelFlix, and make your special day memorable forever.