Gold Kamarband Designs & Belly Chains

      Kamarband Gold Designs

      A Kamarband is a popular ‘gold chain’ jewellery worn around the waist by most Indian women. It can also be attached to the piercing of the naval area. The Kamarband gold jewellery is adored by women and is one of the most important jewellery items of a South Indian wedding.

      The pure gold kamarband designs can be found in either thin and lightweight designs or thick and heavy designs mostly loved by brides to be. The latter ones are also known as a waist belt, kamar belt or kamar peti.

      Now Gold Kamarband Online Shopping on JewelFlix Available

      With a catalogue of numerous unique designs, you can explore the gold kamarband images with detailed information like the seller, weight, purity, design, metal type, and much more on a single page. Also, we keep you in direct contact with only the registered and authenticated Jewellers who provide only BIS hallmarked Jewellery items.

      Finding the Kamarband New Design in Gold

      You can start exploring kamarband gold online right away. Just go to the category of gold and select ‘Kamar Band’. You also have a wide selection of the most precious designs and for all purposes, whether it's for daily use or special occasions like weddings.

      The Latest Gold Vaddanam Designs

      The representation of royalty and tradition, the latest vaddanam designs are even made to look culturally elegant which relates to traditional values. Vaddanam is usually preferred as in traditional style however the modern craftsmanship has also elegantly started to design new models which are crafted on traditional designs with a bit of modern flash.

      Different Types of Vaddanam Designs

      Gold Kamarband for Bride

      A South Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride wearing this jewellery. It is also popularly known as gold Oddiyanam design. There are many variations of this kamar peti design and which one you choose completely depends on you.

      Gaja Lakshmi Vaddanam

      It is carved with the designs of elephants alongside and in the centre the portrayal of Lakshmi is shown. This comes usually as gold vaddanam in 120 grams to 180 grams however it can be customized if required. 150 grams gold vaddanam designs are also available and are usually preferred for weddings.

      Floral Vaddanam

      This is designed with plants carved across. The variant of chain pattern could also feature with CZ or laid on a gold plate with gems embedded on it. You will not be able to take your eyes off this as this design is developed with a golden flower kept in mind. The flower at the centre chained with gold links to form a chain around.

      Plain Gold Vaddanam Designs

      Extremely light and thin designs of gold vaddanam in 100 grams or more are personalized or customized as per needs. They are most popular with young girls and fashionable modern youngsters.

      Antique Vaddanam

      Antique Vaddanam is made with an oxidised coating that produces the design of antique jewellery. They can be carved with designs on the sides such as flowers or peacocks with a goddess at the centre.

      Temple Jewellery Vaddanam Designs

      Resembling the temple scripts of South Indian temples, these are best suited with a saree as they add an enhancement to the dress. They can usually depict gods like Krishna or Lakshmi, or they can depict something like peacocks or elephants. At least currently, these are the most sought after designs.

      CZ Vaddanams

      The trademark of radiance and beauty, they have their own elegance with them and are embellished with different intricate patterned carvings along with gold orbs, gemstones or pearls.

      There are many other varieties of gold vaddanam chain models as well like belly chain gold design or waist chain.

      Light Weight Chain Vaddanam Designs

      The vaddanam can be found in lightweight chain designs, which is often preferred because a bride is always dressed in heavy jewellery and when a thin lightweight chain vaddanam is worn by her, it truly becomes an astonishing masterpiece of beauty. These designs can be further embellished with small gemstones to further enhance their attractiveness. There are many regional varieties of these Kamarbands available of JewelFlix. Explore and see for yourself the beauty and symbolism of each one.

      Gold Waist Chain for Saree

      Having a waist chain of gold for ladies is one of the most important accessories for the waistline, so you should choose the perfect waist chain for you. These gold waist chains come packed with the most beautiful and intricate designs. Wearing multiple chains would look perfectly lovely when wearing any traditional saree.

      The Magnificence of Gold Waist Chain for Wedding

      Take a look at any south Indian bride, you’re surely going to get a glimpse of the most stunning jewellery item as her waist chain (or kamar belt). This jewellery item makes a bride look stunning when worn perfectly on the waistline. Most of the time, we can see double chains also.

      Indian gold waist chain designs are usually crafted and carved based on traditional designs with a simple chain, with the small gold beads in the shape of mangoes or pearls. However, modern gold chains are also studded with smaller gems sometimes, to keep in lighter.

      Gold Waist Belt for Saree vs Waist Chain

      Most people might think that a gold waist belt and waist chain are the same things. But the reality is slightly different. Waist chains are worn below the saree, in direct contact with the skin and these are usually very thin chains. The waist belt, on the other hand, is a thick accessory (just like a regular belt), worn over the saree to give a glamorous look to the woman.

      Gold waist belt designs are available in numerous varieties, each suitable for different occasions and usage. Brides usually wear these to keep the saree in place as well as enhance the personality.

      Finding the Best Gold Metal Waist Belt Online in India

      Since there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of waist belt designs available; finding the perfect one can be cumbersome sometimes. That’s why first exploring and understanding the different types can be helpful.

      You can easily explore the Kamarband/waist belts/waist chain/kamar belt designs by going to the top navigation bar and choosing the gold Kamarband. You’ll immediately see all the varieties of designs we have available, and you can make your pick.

      If you’re not able to find what you’re looking for, don’t worry. You can get in direct contact with the Jeweller and make a customization request.

      Understanding Gold Kamarband Designs with Weight and Purity

      While exploring the designs, you’ll have the option to search directly for the product if you have one in mind. Or you can just browse and use the filters to filter a particular quality product and weight as well.