What is a Bracelet? Different Types of Bracelet Designs and Their Significance

What is a Bracelet? Different Types of Bracelet Designs and Their Significance

A Bracelet is an article of jewellery that is worn on the wrist. This is not only used to enhance your charm and personality, but it has several uses depending on the type of bracelet. Every person has different choices and requirements for their jewellery items.

But all things aside, these are most popular as jewellery items and linked with fashion. Both women and men want to portray and show off their own personal styles using different jewellery kinds.

Significance of a Bracelet

We all like to use accessories like Bracelets, but most of the time, we're not even aware of the possible symbolism attributed to these bracelets. Even metals like a silver bracelet can have its own significance, like a memory of friendship.

Let's talk about a few of the most popular type of bracelet compositions and their significance:

Beaded Bracelet Designs

Many individuals believe that beaded bracelets are a symbol of good luck and energy; this bracelet is used almost everywhere. There are different types and colours of bead which signify different things. For example, black beads are used to keep evil away. The purple beaded bracelet means that you are a creative person, and this bracelet will always keep your mind clear and stress-free.

Gemstones Bracelet Designs

Gemstones like emerald, amethyst, rubies, diamond, garnet, jade and many others are used in most jewellery items. Even though most people love them for their bright colours and aesthetics, some also like to wear stone studded jewellery for astrological reasons if worn for their birth month.

It is believed that every stone has its own significance and benefits for the wearer. Like the wearer of Emerald is believed to be bestowed by good health and wisdom. Ruby is believed to cure depression and boosts status, confidence, and leadership qualities.

Strings Bracelet Designs

Strings are the symbols of the bond between the two. It could be the religious connection between you and god, or between you and your loved one, like a friend.This is also known as the 'wish bracelet'. It is made up of one or two strings worn by an individual as they make their wish. As time passes, the string of the bracelet will fall, and at that time, it is believed that the wish has been granted.

To enhance its beauty, the bracelet is decorated with different charms as well.

Difference Between a Bangle and Bracelet

Some people seem to confuse a bracelet with a bangle sometimes because of their resemblance to each other. The difference is that a bangle is a solid band worn on the wrist. This is a solid ring with no clasp or hook and is worn by slipping it along the fingers. In comparison, a Bracelet has a clasp that can be opened around the wrist. The bracelets may have different designs and could be flexible.

Bangle and Bracelet

Types of Bracelets

Cuff Bracelet

These are a type of rigid bangle but have an opening that makes them easier to put on as they don't have any clasps or closures. They are easy to wear and easy to remove.

Affirmation Bracelet

These are a bracelet style in which a message is engraved on the border or added with an additional small plating. These messages are usually positive, inspiring, or any other message which serves as a constant reminder to the wearer.

Friendship Bracelets

A symbol of friendship, these bracelets are usually very colourful and decorative. They are typically made of a string woven in any number of ways to create a pattern. This could also just be a simple gold bracelet with a sturdy and rigid style.

Pearl Bracelets

Even though the pearl bracelets can be put in Beaded Bracelets' jewellery styles, the fact is that these have been quite popular and Jewellers have started to get creative by setting them in unique styles and designs.

The credit of their popularity goes to their superior adaptability to any dress. No matter what outfit you chose, with pearls, you can never go wrong.

Charm Bracelet

There are several theories as to where the concept of charm bracelets originate from. But they all tell the same story. People used charm bracelets to keep a precious memory close to them; as a visit to some foreign land, people used to buy some objects from there and sew them along with their clothes or even small strings and wear them along the wrists.

Gradually this captured the jewellery lovers and emerged as an ideal way to keep mementoes, and symbolic items close. They can be an excellent gift and a nice way to depict your personality.


You Definitely Need This Accessory On You

Women love to adorn themselves with this accessory because having something as gorgeous as a bracelet or any other hand jewellery makes you look slim. Bracelets of different designs can be complemented with different outfits to go with you. This accessory is widely popular because of how they make you feel.

It’s time for you to explore hundreds of different designs to find the perfect one for you.

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