Shop Jewellery Online with JewelFlix

Shop Jewellery Online with  JewelFlix

Are You Planning to Buy Jewellery Online?

Then you are in the right place. Buying Jewellery online is tiresome. There is always a tension of the genuinity of jewellers. Not only this you will be worried about looting and grade of jewellery and making charges and so on.

"JewelFlix" is your one-stop-shop for trendy fashion jewellery!

JewelFlix" is the biggest online jewellery marketplace which combines top brand jewellers and valuable customers at one place. We aim to create a huge clientele of satisfied customers. To make this dream come true we have been backed with a team of experienced and a team of professionals. Because of this, we have accomplished to eliminate the incompetence which results in best-decreased costs.

Know-How Easy is to Shop Jewellery Online at JewelFlix?

Before you buy gold jewellery online you need to keep few things in mind. Some of them are:

Type of Jewellery You Want

The first and foremost thing while buying jewellery is to check for the jewellery design and the grade of jewellery you want to buy. Also, check for the purity of metal you want to buy for your jewellery, for instance, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt.

On the web, you can check the number of designs available in different designs, metals, size, finish and trends. But for this, you have to browse different sites and you may not get it all at once where you can compare and buy it. At JewelFlix (jewellery market place), you can buy all types of jewellery for instance; Gold Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery and so on.

Here you will get a huge directory of different types of jewellery which are designer jewellery, trendy jewellery, temple jewellery or antique jewellery in different colours, metals, designs, size and finish.

Check Genuinity of Jeweller

Before you will go and start browsing the jewellery online check the genuinity of the jeweller. Select the designs. Mostly to check for a genuine jeweller you ask from your family or friends and ask for the reference which is a great idea.

Also, you can roam around your city to check for genuine jewellery nearby. But it will take too much of your precious time and nowadays time is valuable. The best way to look for a renowned jeweller is to check it’s review and ratings online.

All the jewellers associated with JewelFlix are renowned for their gems and jewellery, BIS Hallmarked Certificate Authentication approved and also verified at the time of collaborating with JewelFlix. So you don’t need to worry at all while you are doing gold jewellery online shopping with JewelFlix.

Talk to Our Jeweller

If you have already selected the piece of jewellery and the jeweller from where you want to buy. But before proceeding or placing any order online talk to your jeweller and take a detailed description of the jewellery you want to buy. Ask for the making charges and per gram jewellery prices and if it is studded jewellery does ask for the separate weight of gem and jewellery as well.

But speaking with jewellers can be a clumsy task, as jewellers can be busy or don't want to give their jewellery details to anyone online or over the phone call. To make this easy here at JewelFlix we came up with the perfect solution, you can call our jewellers or chat with them on WhatsApp directly through the ChatBot system...

Visit the Jewellery Store

Going store by store and visiting to check for the piece you would like to buy for you or your family will be a hectic task to do. It is a time consuming and costly way to buy jewellery. Why do you have to waste your precious time and money when you can select your favourite just by sitting at home?

Now you must be thinking how it is possible to select the best jewellery and looking for a genuine jeweller all together at one time just by sitting at your home.

Yes, it is possible at JewelFlix. We have seen in the market how customers are facing so many problems while buying gold, silver and other precious metal jewellery. So, we come up with the one-stop solution for all these problems. Now at JewelFlix you can directly contact the jewellers or chat with them through WhatsApp as well.

Buy the Jewellery at Nearby Store

Now you don’t need to waste your time & money to look and buy a perfect jewellery piece for you to visit Next select the category of metal you want to buy, explore more than 25000 designs and select the perfect piece for you.

Check out all the details of the piece, talk with the jeweller, if you want you can call, WhatsApp chat, ask for the quotation and without any tension get the exact location of the store, visit and buy the certified jewellery from an authenticated jeweller nearby your place.

At JewelFlix you can explore the craftsmanship of beautiful gems & jewellery designs such as gold finger rings, gold earrings, pearls, silver pendants, corals, diamond necklace, solitaires, gold chains, gold bangles, gold bracelets, diamond mangalsutra, gold nose pins. All the jewellery at JewelFlix is offered at 14kt, 18kt and 22kt (916) with the guarantee of a BIS Hallmarked certificate.

Isn’t it safe and sound?

So, what are you waiting for? Don't stop shopping!!!

Also, your feedback is so precious for us, if you have any suggestions do let us know. Happy shopping!!!

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