Why JewelFlix is the Best Platform for Jewellery Wholesalers and Manufacturers

Why JewelFlix is the Best Platform for Jewellery Wholesalers and Manufacturers

Gems and jewellery are the things which everyone cherishes every time and buys frequently. In the last few months, there has been immense growth in the jewellery industry. And this is considered to be the best time to enter in the jewellery industry. As customers are also opting more and more, buying decisions now start exploring on the internet browser, browsing on the mobile, rather than going out of the house. There was never a better time to enter this market before. The clientele is ready, the market procedure is set up, and most importantly customers trust is established.

As a Jewellery manufacturer and wholesalers what you are doing for your business to achieve your set targets. What you can do to achieve your goals. There are many ways to advertise your business offline but now as we discussed is not the time to advertise it offline. You have to promote and upgrade your jewellery business online.

And now a question arises, how will you do that? There are many ways to promote your jewellery business online but the best strategy for your business is really important. It is really a hectic task to take your business online with the appropriate strategy.

To tackle this problem in the jewellery industry we are here with a one-stop solution for all the above-mentioned problems which is; JewelFlix. JewelFlix, an online Gems and Jewellery marketing platform which connects Jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers to the retailers.

Let’s Discuss How We Are Making It Possible?

To boost your manufacturing or wholesaling business online or creating your startup as a Brand. The essential thing you need to do at first is to create a Marketing Strategy for your Jewellery Business. In this new era, people are making different types of strategies for marketing products digitally. Digital Marketing is playing a vital role in brand promotion to patrons. Different marketing plans help the jewellery business to increase their engagement with customers.

Social Engagement:

To promote your brand online there are many ways to boost it, proper planning, strategizing and implementation is necessary to promote a name as the brand. Social engagement is all about the activeness of your company on a social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. for every product you require a different strategy to represent it in social media platforms. Many companies regularly market themselves in every social media platform to digitalise their business online.

At JewelFlix we are helping Jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers to promote their gems and jewellery online by creating a proper strategy and implementing it in the best possible way on social media platforms.

High-Quality Photography

We are promoting jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers online by displaying their products online. At JewelFlix we create the best impression of your products in the user’s perspective. Jewellery is not only about images or photos it is about the high definition quality of photos you show on your catalogue, website or social media posts.

High definition photos help you to examine the kind of gold jewellery, gems, diamonds, different metals used in the jewellery which helps you to create goodwill of your business.

At JewelFlix we use high-resolution pictures in social media, websites, google my business & extra to show your work & products to the clients and engage them with the perfect images of your products.

Join Your Hands with JewelFlix

Create Your Business Niche

We create your business recognition by using best industry strategies and planning. We will create your business name and promote it as a brand. We use different strategies to recognise your brand by using the following strategies:

  • Creating a unique logo for your brand.
  • Taking reviews of your satisfied customers.
  • Creating your company profile on a different platform
  • Increased recognition of the brand
  • Promoting products 24X7 online
  • Connecting Jewellers PAN India

Promote Your Work Online

Whatever you are? Whether you're a manufacturer or a wholesaler of gems and jewellery. We at JewelFlix, promote your business with the help of good content which is a requirement of every kind of organisation. Starting from social platforms advertising, promoted by good content that attracts people's attention towards the brand.

After implementing the best strategies and properly planning many things in digital marketing, it is assumed that good content and reliable content makes your clients engage with your brand and buy your products.

From last few times, we have associated with the jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers to connect them with retailers to sell the gems and jewellery and help jewellery retailers to buy jewellery from Manufacturers & wholesalers directly without any hassle.

Connecting Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers at One Place

There are many things which you need to target while boosting a brand online some of them are; interests, location, and age-group. But the Demographics is the most important thing that should be kept in mind while targeting the audience. That’s what JewelFlix keeps in mind while connecting jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers to retailers. Some of the demographics which we keep in mind are:

  • Generate a good income.
  • Boosting brand on different platforms.
  • Easily connecting through WhatsApp Chatbot
  • Opportunity to explore 20000+ Designs
  • Detailed information about Products.
  • Connecting with BIS Hallmark Certified Jewellers.
  • Targeting retailers by their featured products separately such as chains, silver antique items, silver-framed photo work and so on.

So, these were some marketing plans and arrangements for increasing your sales and engagements with your customers. This will help retailers to connect with the genuine jewellery manufacturer and wholesalers at any moment.

Happy Customer Successful Business!

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